Purchase Information

We have several ways we sell our animals. Breeding quality and Pet quality.

  • Breeding quality animals are normally the most expensive and will meet or exceed all breed characteristics. We only occasionally offer these animals for sale. Any animal that is sold as breeding quality will go with full registration papers.
  • Pet quality animals may or may not meet or exceed breed standards but are wonderful companions. They are sold on spay/neuter contracts or already altered and if papers are offered will have limited registration.
  • The fine print...
  • All animals are sold with a limited health guarantee. We will gladly except back any animals we have sold if at any point in their life you are unable to care for them no questions asked.
  • All deposits are non refundable.  However, they may be transferred to another animal within 12 months of the the orginal deposit.
  • We ALWAYS welcome you to come and visit, by appointment, if you are interested in purchasing an animal.

Mini Pig purchasing requirements.

1. You must be zoned for pigs.

2. You must own your home or have written permission from your landlord.

3. You must have a fenced secure are for your pig to spend 4-6 hours outside daily.

4. You must find a vet in your area that is willing to treat your mini pig before taking them home.

Please know we do not weigh our pigs or ever guarantee the size our piglets will grow. We do measure height and try to give a close estimate to the height your piglet will mature to but as with human children there is no way to know for sure.